Montana Sport Grounds, Besembiesie Str. Montana
061 147 3244
Social tennis: Sat. @13h00 & Wed. @14h00. Visitors R50p/p


How should members prepare to return to tennis ?

Follow these easy steps: (Only for Lockdown level 5)

  1. Download the Player Indemnity form. Print the form, complete it, sign it and scan it or take a photo of the completed form with your cellphone. This form is required once off.
  2. Electronically complete the Screening Questionnaire by clicking on this link. This form must be completed for every time you come to play tennis at the club.
  3. Mail the completed form to Johanna Hanekom at
    Add it to a WhatsApp message and send to 083 285 1366

    (Revised Lockdown level 4 – 1)
  4. Book a court !! If you don’t book you can’t play.!! Follow this link to find out how.
  5. The committee has appointed 2 screening officers to handle the obligatory Covid-19 protocol at the courts. It was therefore decided that each person playing at another time than Saturday afternoons must pay a R10 fee in cash each time he/she plays. Covid-19 caused several unforeseen expenses for the club and we rely on your understanding.
  6. Enjoy your match.
  7. Please read the Club’s regulations regarding the play of safe tennis below: