Six Titles for Lloyd | Tennis South Africa

He always plays to win, but to win 30 matches – six titles – in succession is a pleasant surprise for Lloyd Harris.

The 19-year-old Harris won the third and final tournament in the Digicall Futures tennis series in Stellenbosch. He also won the previous two, which means he has 15 games and three tournaments here on the Coetzenburg courts in the past three weeks.

Harris beat his South African compatriot Nik Scholtz. The second-seeded Harris won 7-5, 6-4 in one hour and 25 minutes. Before his arrival in Stellenbosch Harris also won three Futures titles.

“I certainly did not plan to win all three tournaments. In tennis you cannot do that. I just played every game to the best of my ability. I played very good tennis and that’s why I won the three titles,” said Harris.

Harris has now played six tournaments – 30 games – in seven weeks. “My body has been tired for a while now. I pushed hard every day, but how I recovered after each game has made it possible to sustain the pace. However, I certainly need a break now!”

Harris is now leaving for the Czech Republic for his last two tournaments of the year.



The German Julyette Maria Josephine Steur surprised when she beat first seed and the champion of the first two tournaments, Chanel Simmonds of South Africa in two sets for the title. The eighth-seeded won 6-0, 6-4 against on the top-ranked Simmonds. Simmonds was obviously getting tired. It was her 15th match in three weeks.


Source: Six Titles for Lloyd | Tennis South Africa