Montana Sport Grounds, Besembiesie Str. Montana
061 147 3244
Social tennis: Sat. @13h00 & Wed. @14h00. Visitors R50p/p

Book a Court

Please bring along a R10 donation per player to assist the club in funding expenses related to the administration of the courts and the online booking system.

Court bookings are done by using the SportyHQ Bookings mobile application. (see procedure below to download to your cellphone)

Court bookings can also be done on-line at

But first

You need to activate your SportyHQ account, if you haven’t already done so.
This account is free.
Follow the steps below to get yourself ready to start making tennis court bookings.

Procedure for SportyHQ

How to Activate your SportyHQ Account (new members)

Step 1: Inform the club treasurer that payment of membership was made.

Step 2: The club’s SportyHQ administrator will add new member to the club member list on SportyHQ.

Step3: After creation of member, the member will receive an “Activation” e-mail from SportyHQ. PS: Please check your junk mail folder also, if mail is not found in primary mailbox.

Step 4: Click on the “Activation” link in the e-mail and follow the process of activation.

Step 5: You can now Follow the below steps to install SportyHQ Booking application on your mobile device, were you will also be asked to login.

How to install SportyHQ Bookings application.

Step 1: On your mobile device, go onto Play store/App store.

Step 2: Search for SportyHQ Bookings.

Step 3: Install and open the app on your device.

Booking procedure on Mobile application

Step 1: Once you have installed SportyHQ, login in and then this screen will appear:

Step 2: You are then going to press on the create new booking section.

Step 3: Select Zambesi Tennis Club. And then you can choose the date you want to play bear in mind that you can only book one week in advance.

Step 4: Now you have to choose on which court you want to play and what time of day. Please note that you can only book for 90mins.

Step 5: You will have to choose if you are playing Solo, with a guest or are you gonna take play with your fellow members.  Using the search you can search for anyone in the club and add then, please note only 4 on a court is allowed. eg. Choose three members or a mixture between guest and members to play doubles.

Step6: After you have done all this you will be able to book your Tennis session by just scrolling down on your screen and pressing book. All your opponents and or teammates will be notified through email.

Here are the final examples of how your booking should look, Stay Safe Play Safe!!!!!