COVID19 - Revised Level 1 Restrictions
Play tennis at Zambesi
Social Tennis @ 13:00 Sat. & Wed.

Courts Schedule

Additional Information regarding the booking of courts
from 18:00 to 19:00

Only courts B & C have floodlights
Timeslots used for coaching are highlighted in yellow
Timeslots where floodlights will be required are marked in blue
Club members can book the blue timeslots on SportyHQ mobile booking application.
Normal floodlight operation rules apply.
During COVID19, the access to the floodlight switch boxes will be provided by the screening officer at the courts.
Floodlight “time” still have to be purchased by the player.
R20 per person per session is payable to our screening officers when you arrive at the courts. 
You can make the schedule larger, by pressing the “+” sign next to zoom.